February 1st Ordering Deadline!


The Cap & Gown Unit is CUSTOM manufactured specifically for Mooresville High School seniors. We ask for the students ACCURATE height and weight specifications so we can have a properly fitting gown for each recipient.


The Cap & Gown Unit is delivered in person prior to the graduation commencement on campus. Hopefully we will have a traditional distribution event that allows for each student to pick up their cap and gown in the front office conference room. If we are on Covid protocol, we will have a drive through distribution event. 


INCLUDED: Custom gown, cap and base tassel. - These are all delivered together.


More than 75% of students purchase a souvenir tassel or jumbo tassel to proudly display throughout the year to remind them to cherish their senior year. 

NO CAP AND GOWNS ARE SHIPPED HOME. The distribution event will be on campus during a specified time assigned by the school administration a few weeks prior to graduation. 

    50,000 Gowns Delivered And Counting 


We do not take our partnership lightly. 

As the exclusive and official provider of graduation products for your school, we are held to the highest standards. You can rest assured that your graduation experience will be a memorable one that is cherished for years to come. 


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